Löwe und Sonne

Dank dieses Artikels bleibt es mir erspart, zu erklären, warum Shirin Ebadi NICHT die Vorzeige-Iranerin für echte Regime-Gegner sein kann:

published on Saturday, April 17, 2010

Open Letter to the Canadian International Peace Project-Peace and Security with Shirin Ebadi

Dear Mr. Mark M. Persaud,

We, a group of Iranian pro-democracy and human rights activists are writing to you to voice our concern and disappointment in your decision to invite Ms. Shirin Ebadi to speak in Toronto on April 26th 2010. As Iranians who are working towards a secular and democratic Iran, along with our compatriots in Iran we are concerned that you have made the decision to invite a pro-reformist speaker who does not represent the will or the demands of the Iranian people to speak at your event.

During the protests following the presidential [s]elections of June 2009, the Iranian people were able to communicate their demands to the world as well as expose the nature of the Islamic regime in Iran. A central and abundantly clear demand was “Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic.” This became one of the key slogans during the protests the past summer, and by changing the phrase “Islamic Republic” to “Iranian Republic,” the Iranian people made a clear and concise decision to separate themselves and their government from Islam. This was a major step towards a secular democracy by the Iranian people, and even though the Iranian people knew the consequences of chanting such a slogan they continued to do so day after day after day…

The demand for an “Independent, Free and Iranian Republic” was so strong that it shook the Islamic Regime to the core, to the point where Mir Hossein Mousavi the so called “reformist” candidate came out and stated “peoples’ slogan MUST be Islamic Regime, not one word more and not one more less.”

weiter, wo man auch ausser open letter eine open Antwort ersehen kann, deren erster Absatz Folgendes sagt. Da sieht man doch mal wieder, wie wichtig Titel sind und wie unwichtig Inhalte:

„Dear Ms Hassan:

Thank you for your note. I am quite busy at the moment so I will be brief in my response.

Please be advised of the following:

1. Contrary to your assertion, the Canadian International Peace Project did not Invite Dr. Ebadi to Canada. Dr. Ebadi was already sheduled for a national tour of Canada that includes Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa when we were asked if we wish to host her in Toronto. We accepted the invitation not on the basis that she is an Iranian national and activist but rather because she is an internationallly recognized persona whom our constituents would be interested in hearing from given her prominence including being the first Muslim woman to be awarded a nobel prize.



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